Materializing NEMS devices incorporating nonlinear dynamics is of fundamental importance in the field of small-scale mechanics and general science. Among these, parametric amplification draws considerable attention due to its unique characteristic. In this paper, we introduce novel designs for mechanically pumped parametric resonators in which torsional pumping springs are linked. The proposed parametric resonators can increase signal amplitude by matching resonances in a cantilever and beam. Amplitudes of resonators increase when resonances of cantilevers are amplified by torsional pumping from linked beams. In an attempt to transmit pure torsion (not displacement), zero-displacement points method is suggested, and the analytical prediction results are further verified by the corresponding simulation results obtained from COMSOL Multiphysics®. The π-shape resonators are fabricated by surface nano-machining process, and the horizontal dimensions of fabricated beams and cantilever are 31.6 um and 8 um, respectively. By using magnetomotive method, resonance frequencies are measured. Finally frequency matching is performed by DC tuning. When 54 V is applied, fdrive and fpump increase 0.78% and 0.16%, and the frequencies are exactly matched as 4.463 MHz.

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