The paper develops an analytical model of a novel hybrid liquid-air transpired solar collector which could simultaneously heat air and water for applications such as regeneration of liquid desiccants. An energy balance is performed, leading to a system of ODEs which is solved to obtain the air and water outlet temperatures of the collector. Three sets of sensitivity analyses have been performed on the collector varying the total thermal capacitance rates of the air and water (cp)total, ratio of air to total thermal capacitance rate (cp ratio), and the usual boundary conditions of water inlet temperature Twi, ambient temperature Tamb, solar radiation G and wind speed Vw. General performance curves for the collector with increasing (Twi−Tamb)/G have been developed as a result of these analyses. It has been observed that a cp ratio between 0.3 and 0.4 provides with an optimal collector performance. Moreover at low cp ratios, the collector performance has been observed to be very sensitive to wind speed.

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