Early diagnosis and classification of breast cancer is a critical step in choosing appropriate treatment plan. An ultrasound (US) elastography method for unifocal and multifocal breast cancer is presented. While this technique uses full inversion approach, it is cost-effective, fast, and expected to be more sensitive and specific than conventional US based elastography methods. This technique is capable of imaging absolute Young’s modulus (YM) of the tumour in real-time fashion, in contrast with other conventional elastography techniques that image relative elastic modulus off-line. To validate the proposed technique, numerical and tissue mimicking phantom studies were conducted. In the tissue mimicking study, a block shape gelatine-agar phantom was constructed with a cylindrical inclusion located deep inside the phantom. Results obtained from this study show accurate reconstruction of the YM with average error of less than 3%. The numerical phantom study has been extended for multifocal cases with average errors less than 6%.

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