The cerebral stroke is one of the diseases which many aged people are being to suffer. It occurs due to a thrombus created in a blood vessel, which blocks a blood flow in a brain and induces a brain cell necrosis. This study is the part of a research project that aims to develop high performance and amplitude micro stirrer for dissolution of cerebral thrombus. This paper presents the fundamental study on of a Novel actuator for creating vertically fluctuation to effective dissolution of cerebral thrombus or blood clot. By stirring the blood around the thrombus after the infusion of the agent, the quick dissolution can be obtained. This actuator was supported one side and the other side is free. The longitudinal wave excited by transducer from support side, traveling throw catheter and before reach to tip of beam impinges to skewed surface and reflect to shear wave and longitudinal wave. Thus the stirrer moves transversely due to transverse wave and reflected longitudinal wave.

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