Interventional Radiology (IVR) is one of the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) methodologies. The operation of the IVR procedures are guided by image guidance Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) device which transmits continuous x-rays to detect the position of catheter. Catheter is a small tube inserted in blood vessel or body cavity, used in IVR procedures for diagnosing or treatment purposes. Recently, there has been considerable interest in developing remote-control system for catheter guide to prevent the surgeons from the risk of x-rays exposure. This paper describes the mechatronic design for a fail-safe catheter guide system used in blood circulatory system for IVR procedures. Several aspects of the catheter guide system are described, i.e. requirements, functions, environment, active structure, and behavior. There are close interplay between these aspects. Such a representation forms the basis for the subsequent design concretion. The prototype development of a key module for the catheter guide system, i.e. the slave system, is exemplified.

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