The paper presents some aspects and practical solutions of weight bearing joints treatment for patients with osteoarthritis and following by the rehabilitation process, which has realized at Recovery Clinical Hospital of Felix Spa. A model of human body under applied and conjunction forces explains the damping and shocks into synovial joints from elastic modulus of bone cartilages in contact and variation of dynamic viscosity’s synovial fluid and spine fluid. The conservative treatment of osteoarthritis involves balneal-physical-kinetic therapy or balneal-physical-kinetic recovery treatment, which must be repeated periodical, every six months to get good results. In addition, a vibration treatment of patients with osteoarthritis combines with balneal-conservative treatment is proposed. This vibration treatment system is composed of vibration bed, electrical motor to generate the vibration with direct adjustment of frequency by a digital frequency convertor, and a command panel system of measurement, analysis and interpretation of data from FFT electronic vibration gage. These combination treatments have assured an amelioration of patients with osteoarthritis and improving the bio-lubrication between cartilages of synovial joints, respectively of fluid spine.

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