Detailed investigations on the vibration suppression of beam-type structures using Multiple Tuned Mass Damper (MTMD) technology has been carried out in this study. A general curved beam has been utilized as a case study to illustrate the developed optimum design methodology. The governing differential equations of motion for the curved beam with the attached MTMD systems have been derived, and then solved using the finite element method. A hybrid optimization methodology, which combines the global optimization method based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) and the local optimization technique based on Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP), has been developed. This has been utilized to find the optimum design parameters (damping coefficient, spring stiffness and position coordinate) of the attached Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) systems in order to suppress the vibration levels at a particular mode or several modes, simultaneously. Finally, a design principle for vibration suppression of beam-type structures using the MTMD technology has been proposed through extensive numerical investigations.

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