Reflection and refraction of magneto-elastic waves at the interface of two ferromagnetic half-spaces is considered. The space is in an external homogeneous magnetic field, the direction of which coincides with direction of the initial magnetization vector. A slipping contact on the interface of two ferromagnetic semi-spaces is considered. The existence of new type of waves is shown. These waves are localized on the interface of two ferromagnetic media and accompany the reflection and transmission waves and exist because of incident waves on the interface of two magneto-elastic media, and magneto-elastic properties of the media. These types of waves named as an accompanying surface magnetoelastic (ASM) waves. An analytical expression for the magnitudes of reflection, refraction, and ASM waves are derived. Coefficients of mentioned waves are strongly dependent on the applied magnetic field, material properties of each medium, as well as on frequency and the angle of an incident elastic wave. It has been shown that an applied magnetic field can totally eliminate or strengthen transmission and reflection waves and can be a control parameter for exchanging energies between these waves. Also, by eliminating transmission and reflection waves the magnetic field is able to control the ASM wave magnitudes. A new wave filtration mechanism can be drawn from these effects.

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