In this paper, nonlinear radial and hoop thermoelastic stress analysis of rotating disk made of functionally graded material (FGM) with variable thickness is carried out by using the finite element method. In this method, one-dimensional second order elements with three nodes have been used. The geometrical and boundary conditions are in the shape of nonexistence of the pressure (zero radial stress) in both external and internal layers and zero displacement at the internal layer of rotating disk. Furthermore, it’s assumed that heat distribution is as second order curve while material properties such as elasticity modulus, Poisson’s ratio and thermal expansion coefficient vary by using a power law versus radius of the disk and also vary with the temperature. In a numerical example, the displacements and stresses for various powers (N) and the angular velocities have been calculated in according to the radius. It’s obvious that by increasing the values of the power (N) and the angular velocity, the value of displacements and stresses will be increased consequently. Finally, the effect of varying the thickness and the dependency and in-dependency of the material properties on the temperature has been considered.

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