Piezoelectric actuators (PEAs) are frequently used in a wide variety of micromanipulation systems. However their accuracy is limited due to hysteresis nonlinearity. Also investigation of the fundamental properties of the piezoceramics depicts that external mechanical loads cause inclination in hysteresis loop which can deteriorate tracking performance furthermore. A novel modeling and control approach is proposed in this paper, for precision trajectory tracking control of piezoelectric actuators under dynamic load condition. First the hysteresis nonlinear function based on Bouc-Wen hysteresis model is approximated by a Taylor series expansion. Then an adaptive trajectory tracking control is proposed based on the backstepping method using the developed mathematical model. The asymptotical stability in displacement tracking and robustness to the dynamic load disturbance can be provided using the proposed control approach. Experimental results are illustrated to verify the efficiency of the proposed method for practical applications.

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