This paper presents an experimental and numerical study to estimate ballistic limit velocity, V50, of plain-weave hybrid S2 glass-IM7 graphite fibers/toughened SC-79 resin (cured at 177°C) composite beams. The tests were conducted on hybrid S2 glass-IM7 graphite fibers/toughened SC-79 resin and nonhybrid S2 glass-fiber/toughened SC-79 resin composites beams using high-speed gas-gun. The ballistic impact tests were then modeled using 3-D dynamic nonlinear finite element (FE) code, LS-DYNA, modified with a proposed user-defined nonlinear-orthotropic damage model. The ballistic limit velocities, V50, for both composite beams were then estimated using (a) only experimental tests, (b) combined experimental and numerical tests, (c) FE calculated residual velocities, and (d) FE calculated residual and transferred energies. For each type of composite beams, the parameters for the well-known Lambert-Jones equation were also computed. Good agreement between experimental and numerical results was observed.

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