Dynamic modeling of piezo-driven compliant mechanisms is necessary to predict dynamic behavior of nanopositioning systems, and also to optimize their controlling methods. Dynamic tests on a real system or dynamic analyses on a FEM model is very time consuming when they must be carried out iteratively. According to previous works, obtaining static specifications of model is possible within a reasonable error margin. But all geometric dimensions and mass distribution details of the whole moving parts should be considered to calculate dynamic specifications of the model. In this paper, a functional method is described to obtain dynamic specifications of an planar compliant mechanism, by means of a reference Frequency Response Function (FRF) diagram. On the other hand, an equivalent analytical FRF is derived from the Mass-Spring model. A Genetic Algorithm optimization process is performed on the mass matrix for matching of the two FRF diagrams. Results show that a diagonal 3-by-3 mass matrix can nearly follow dynamic behavior of FEM model. It also is verified that results from the optimized dynamic model and the FEM model will have similar response to step excitation.

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