The robots that can move on rough terrains are very important especially in Rescue operation, exploration, etc. In this research, a mechanism is introduced for a ring-like robot with a flexible body. This robot is moved by arms which are placed radially and have Reciprocating motion in this direction. By controlling the contraction and the extension of the arms which contact the ground, the robot will be forced to move which is called rolling-creeping motion. The robot is stable in stationary state; also the maximum angle which it can be stable is determined. Considering the speed of contracted arm is the input parameter, the speed of the extended arm for locomotion of the robot has been obtained from that. Not only the speed of mass center is accounted, but also the variation of the input parameter is computed for constant speed of the robot. So, dynamic analysis is illustrated by quasi-static stability assumption. Finally, the results of the motion simulation are shown to confirm equations.

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