This paper describes the summer research experiences of a high-school chemistry and biology teacher and a middle-school science teacher at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). The first project involved researching B Complex Vitamins at MSOE’s Center for Biomolecular Modeling, developing molecular models using rapid prototyping technology (Z Corp 3D Printer) and creating curriculum modules for teaching the role of B Complex Vitamins to chemistry students in public high schools. A Javascript/HTML for interactive and dynamic presentation for understanding of thiamine (Vitamin B1) via web was written and implemented with Jmol software. A visual inspection of the family of Vitamin B Complex created and the curriculum modules developed during this project provide exciting and effective learning avenues for students in biology and chemistry classrooms. The second project dealt with the study of bioheat transfer and its simulation using MATLAB, and creation of a curriculum module that illustrates heat transfer principles reinforced by implementing the simulation. The teachers enjoyed the interaction with their advisors and the positive environment for their professional development. Details of their projects and experiences along with the evaluation of the program are presented in this paper. The teachers were pleased to be involved in connecting physics, biology, engineering and math into real projects that will motivate the students in their classes to pursue careers in STEM fields.

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