Students working toward a baccalaureate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Cincinnati are required to complete a “Design, Manufacturing, and Test” senior capstone design project. One of these capstone design projects was to design and manufacture a battle robot to participate in the BotsIQ national competition. This robot was built to meet the BotsIQ 120 lb weight class specifications. A BattleBot is a robot which possesses fighting capabilities and competes against other BattleBots with the intent to disable them. The weapon is the main component of the BattleBots. BattleBots compete one on one and the winner is determined by the amount of damaged inflicted to the other using the weapon. In the 2007–2008 academic year, a team of four Mechanical Engineering Technology students at the University of Cincinnati built a BattleBot as their senior capstone design project. As with all capstone projects, expertise and knowledge acquired from their coursework and co-op were utilized. This project gave them an opportunity to showcase their abilities as well as develop additional skills needed to be successful in a team oriented business world. This team also enjoyed the personal satisfaction of working on a technically complex project from concept-to-design, manufacture, test, and compete against other university participants in the competition. This paper will describe students’ experiences in designing, manufacturing, and competing their robot in the national competition and team experience of the participants.

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