A movable instantaneous impact pressure test device is designed and achieved, according to the characteristic of instantaneous impact wave such as acutely variation and large range of pressure, adverse conditions on the spot. A piezoresistive transducer of high-frequency an high pressure is selected and used. MEMS technology is adopted to design and manufacture the sensor that is flush packaged. In addition multi-channel analogue amplified circuit and DSP control core circuit are studied. So the multilevel multiple pressure analogue signals can be achieved. The circuit can take charge of high speed sampling, processing and storing of analogue signal too. Software modifying mode, process parameter and data transmission is also developed. The device has the function of scheduling of timing sample, automatic gain of magnification, automatic detection of the beginning of impact pressure, parameterization of working mode and process etc. It is a practical instrument with battery as power supply, the low power consumption of power supply control mode and the solid mental shell for testing explosion shock wave. Pressure test results indicated accurate pressure waves of instantaneous impact can be got with the instrument.

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