An organic compound, Dioxane, is blended to reduce the viscosity of raw vegetable oil (Mahua). A dilute blend was prepared by mixing with raw vegetable oil (Mahua) and 10% dioxane in volume basis. Tests were conducted on a single cylinder, water cooled, DI diesel engine coupled with the eddy current dynamometer. Emissions like HC, NOX, etc., were measured by using gas analyzer and smoke density was measured by using smoke meter. The cylinder pressure, heat release rate were measured by combustion analyzer. From the experimental investigation, it was observed that operating at a blend ratio of 10% diesel-80% mahua oil-10% Dioxane significantly reduced the HC and NOx emissions when compared to diesel fuel. It was also observed, the variation of break thermal efficiency is almost same to that of diesel fuel. Hence, it can be concluded that raw vegetable oil (mahua) with Dioxane blend could partially replace the diesel, as a fuel.

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