Almost all of the internal combustion engines waste a significant amount of their fuel energy from cooling system or exhaust gas. On the other hand in the warm season or regions, it needs to remove some extra heat from air conditioner radiator (condenser). This subject effects directly on global warming. Changing some part of this waste energy to shaft work (or electricity) not only has benefit in the way to find a source for hybrid automobiles but also, it has effect on global warming, fuel economy, saving natural resources and if the fuel produce CO2, less greenhouse effect and less air pollution defect could be remarkable. In this work, a new cooling system is offered that is the same as a core of boiling water (nuclear) reactors (BWR), it means a subcooled working fluid could enter to engine shell then during the heat removes from engine and exhaust gas, it will be a boiling generator (boiling heat exchange) for a smart thermodynamic cycle. In this way not only could change some parts of unused energy to work, but also it has more capability with environment. Here, it is offered this idea by using the typical engines data. The Results confirm that it can recover at least about 20% of waste heat. This new cooling system is suitable for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) which combines a conventional propulsion system with an onboard rechargeable energy storage system. However, it can use this idea for almost the entire internal ignition engines in automobiles or somewhere that needs to remove some heat from a device, same as condensers of modified power plants or engine of ships.

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