A new methodology for the enumeration of feasible clutching sequences for a given epicyclic gear mechanism (EGM) is presented using the kinematic nomographs of epicyclic-type transmission mechanisms. From such nomographs, the kinematic characteristics of an epicyclic gear mechanism can be expressed in terms of the gear ratios of its gear pairs. From a single nomograph, the angular velocities for all of the coaxial links can be estimated and compared directly without specifying the exact size of each gear. In addition, the angular velocities can be arranged in a descending sequence without using complicated artificial intelligence or algorithmic techniques. Then, a procedure for the enumeration of feasible clutching sequences associated with a transmission mechanism composed of two or more fundamental gear entities (FGEs) is developed. The reliability of the methodology is established by applying it to two transmission gear trains for which solutions are either fully or partially available in the literature. In the process, an incomplete in the results reported in previous literature is brought to light. And the root cause of this incompleteness is explored. The present methodology is judged to be more efficient for enumeration of all feasible clutching sequences of an EGM.

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