The solution of kinematics problem for serial manipulators is fundamental for their analysis, simulation and computer control, for this reason, this paper introduces the software package called SnAP (Serial n-Axes Manipulators), which is developed under the ADEFID framework [1], where the manipulator is conceptualized as a derived class from CRobokin, CMachine and CIpiSModel, which are fundamental ADEFID classes. SnAP has been developed with efficient algorithms in a closed-loop solution to solve direct kinematics, whereas for the case of inverse kinematics, matrix formulation, elimination and numerical methods are implemented. Furthermore, for the architecture definition, the user is able to display a dialog box in which the design parameters are set while the solid model is updated simultaneously showing the actual configuration. Since ADEFID provides tools to graphical interface with embedded control components, SnAP adopted them to not only simulate virtually, but also with a parametric prototype designed for this purpose.

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