This paper presents a novel geometry and modified structural stiffness for electrostatically actuated MEMS tunable capacitors. The design is based on parallel-plate configuration and four triangular plates are put together to form a butterfly shape flexible moving electrode. Each triangle is suspended by three uneven supporting beams. The capacitor is also equipped with extra beams, called here the “middle beams”, located under the triangles’ corners (nodes). An analytical model is developed to solve the governing equations of a triangular-plate electrode with uneven sides and supporting beams, where the stiffness of the middle beams is gradually added to the system as actuation voltage increases. The numerical simulations reveal that each triangle can be individually tuned up to 150% and the capacitance-voltage (C-V) response is broken into small sections due to added middle beams. Using the model developed in this paper and by design optimization, a linear C-V response is obtained, where the tunability in linear region reaches 100%. The simplicity of the proposed design allows the device to be fabricated using a three-structural-layer process such as PolyMUMPs and could therefore be monolithically integrated with other RF devices and ICs. Moreover, adding additional insulator layer on top of the fixed electrode increases the tunability to over 200% displaying a smooth and low sensitive response.

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