The static response of an electrostatic micro-catilever beam has been obtained by using Galerkin’s method. To make the system bi-stable, a controller has been added and the static response profile is presented using a multi-mode model for the beam. The number of mode shapes leading to convergence has been studied. The softening effect of adding more mode shapes has been investigated along with the effect of changing the system parameters on the static response. Decreasing the controller gain has been found to widen the voltage range of the bi-stability region and increasing the sensor amplification factor is shown to push the upper equilibrium point away from pull-in. Properly choosing these parameters can adjust the range of voltage for bi-stability. By doing a linearization about the stable fixed points, we also found the two natural frequencies for each stable equilibrium point. Finally, we have found the dynamic response of the bistable system using one- and three-mode-models. The basins of attraction for each stable fixed point and the exchange of energy between the two potential energy wells (equilibrium points), are demonstrated.

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