Wireless distributed micro-sensor systems have numerous applications, from equipment diagnostic and control to real time biomedical monitoring. A major obstacle in developing autonomous micro-sensor networks is the need for local, autonomous electric power supply, since using a battery is often not a viable solution. This work investigates a novel micro-power generator converting ambient vibrations to electrical energy via electrostatic transduction employing a comb-like variable capacitor, with a switchable dielectric constant. The micro-generator is designed to operate in an inplane, gap closing, and charge constrained configuration. Enhanced power levels are obtained by pulling a high dielectric constant liquid between the capacitor gaps via electrochemical force effect at maximum capacitance position. The effects of squeeze film damping and variable electrostatic force induced by the varying spatial distribution of dielectric medium are taken into account. In this configuration the microgenerator exhibits high quality factors, thus providing an output power higher of approximately 168 μW.

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