Application of voltage across a liquid-dielectric interface resulting in the change of fluid contact angle is known as electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) effect [1]. EWOD actuation is one of the most preferred techniques to move liquid at microscale due to relatively low voltages, low currents and power consumption requirements, and the absence of electrolysis. Our recent work has shown that nanofluids containing semiconductor nanoparticles exhibit a very strong EWOD effect [2, 3]. In particular, in the tested voltage range of 0 to 60 V, nanofluids loaded with molecularly-capped bismuth telluride nanoparticles show enhanced stability and increased actuation range of contact angle change. Developing a fundamental understanding of the role of nanostructure inclusions in controlling and potentially enhancing the EWOD effect would pave the way for the efficient use of EWOD with nanofluids in a wide range or microfluidic applications. Here we extend the studies on the EWOD behavior of nanofluids, to a system containing noble metal nano particles. In this abstract we report the preliminary results of the electro-wetting studies on nanofluids containing silver nano particles.

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