In this paper, interference effect between multi-nozzles has been experimentally investigated for an electrospray device. Array of nozzles is either prepared by electrically conductive stainless steel capillaries and by electrically dielectric nozzle array fabricated using polymer material. The result shows that polymer-based device may reduce or avoid the interference effect when the spacing distance between nozzles is optimized. For a conductive electrospray array, the end effect, which is able to deflect conejets through the outer nozzles of the array due to asymmetric electric field and repulsive forces between adjacent conductive nozzles and the menisi, can be eliminated by using two dry nozzles mounted at the boundary. However, for a polymer-based device, the end effect can be avoided without using extra dry nozzles. In order to eliminate this end effect, a novel ten-nozzle Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)-based electrospray, with inner and outer diameters of 300μm and 500μm, respectively, has been successfully fabricated and evaluated. The performce of the multi-nozzle array device is analysed by measuring the current of the charged droplets through a novel ten nozzles of the polymer-based electrospray device.

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