The need for precise positioning technique draws significant attention for optical engineering, semi-conductor industry, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, etc. This paper presents a novel piezoelectric (PZT) actuated precision fast positioning system (PFPS), which consists of control module, PZT driving module, precision fast positioning mechanism (PFPM), and micro-displacement measure module. It provides fast and precise control in tilt and piston movements. The driving, mechanism and measure integrative model of the PPS is built. Due to the inherent hysteresis nonlinearity, the PZT actuator always causes positioning error in the open-loop operation and instability in the closed-loop operation. In order to improve the positioning accuracy and response speed, a control method for PZT actuator based on a PID feedback controller with a feedforward compensation is proposed. Finally, the tracking control experiments of piezoelectric actuators for a desired sinusoidal trajectory are performed according to the proposed control method. The experimental results demonstrate that the positioning precision is noticeably improved. The maximum error in tracking a sinusoidal signal is lowered about one order of magnitude in comparison with only using PID controller.

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