The problem of flow field around single or multiple bluff bodies mounted on a surface is of great importance in different fields of engineering. The case of a single surface mounted cube has been studied extensively but unfortunately, little attention has been paid to the flow around two or more rectangular blocks in array. Therefore, A CFD code is developed to calculate three dimensional steady state laminar fluid flow around two cuboids of arbitrary size and configuration mounted on a surface in free stream conditions. The employed numerical scheme is finite volume and SIMPLE algorithm is used to treat pressure and velocity coupling. Results are presented for two cubes of the same size mounted on a surface for various inline and staggered arrangements. Streamlines at different planes are plotted for various combinations of the distance between the two cubes and Reynolds number. Velocity and pressure distributions are also plotted in the wake region behind the cubes. It is shown that presence of the second cube completely changes the flow field and vortical structures in comparison with the case of a single cube. Effects of the both stream-wise and spanwise distances between the two cubes and Reynolds number are also discussed.

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