A single-phase Large Eddy Simulation is performed in a simplified cowl-box model and compared to PIV data. Indeed, prior to the analysis of the interaction between a turbulent air flow and an interface of liquid, the most accurate description of the 3D flow field is required. Although the qualitative phenomena are correctly rendered (flapping motion of impinging inlet jets), quantitative differences are noticed, mainly due to non satisfactory turbulent boundary condition, which induces an overestimation of the jets core length, and modifies its interaction with the cowl box walls. Nevertheless, a qualitative analysis of the instantaneous flow shows the generation of large coherent vortical structures due to the oscillation of the impinging jets at the bottom wall. The advection of these structures in the cowl-box generates large oscillations of wall shear stress and pressure distribution, which are thought to be of great importance for further two-phase flow simulations.

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