This experimental study investigates the effect of presence of Micro-Encapsulated Phase Change Material (MEPCM) within the working fluid on thermal performances of the cooling system. To conduct this study, an experimental setup consisting of a steel tube with an inner diameter of 4.3mm, outer diameter of 6.3mm and a length of 1,016mm is selected. 5%, 10% and 20% mass concentration MEPCM slurries with particle diameter ranging between 5–15μm were included in this study. Tube wall temperature profile, fluid inlet, outlet temperatures, the pressure drop across the tube are measured and corresponding heat transfer coefficients are determined for various operating conditions. Differential Scanning Calometery (DSC) test results for an iterative method for local variables calculation. The experimental results showed significant enhancement in heat transfer coefficient higher than 50% and reduction in tube wall temperature higher than 35%. The controlling parameters are identified and their effects on the heat transfer characteristics are evaluated and analyzed.

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