The increasing of the temperature in the multi-material solicited with thermal and mechanical charges leads to surpass the load of elastic constraint, so we have to apply the thermo-elasto-plastic behavior. The increasing need of structures having multiple functions orientates designers to combine materials in order to obtain, according to coupling scales, multi-materials structures. The lifetime of these structures represents a one of the main decisive element for offices and manufacturers studies. The results of this work should be added to the set of functional charges to obtain an optimal and final decision on the design of the product. In this study, a numerical analysis conducted by finite elements method of thermo-elasto-plastic behavior of these type of materials and their damage under thermal cyclic solicitations. The study is led in two dimensions (r, z) on a cylindrical material constituted of two layers (stainless steel, Steel), subjected to a variable heat flux at the internal surface and an exchange with the ambient at the external surface. Other faces are isolated. The sample is fixed in the axial direction and free in the radial direction. The damage model is based on the works of Lemaiˆtre and Chaboche. Numerical results are presented for periodic heat flux and for different thickness of the material. The study is concluded by optimizing of the thickness of materials according to the total lifetime caused by thermo-elasto-plastic effect.

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