Recent developments of superconductive industry require cryocoolers with cooling power higher than one Watt in the 70–80 K temperature range. High capacity pulse tube cryocoolers assure the cooling power required for operation of superconducting devices. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of the pressure wave generator on high capacity pulse tube cryocooler performance. In this respect the hydrodynamic and thermal behavior of the cryocooler is explained by applying the mass and energy balance equations to different components of the cryocooler cycle. A linear temperature profile is assumed in the regenerator and nodal analysis technique is employed to simulate the tube section behavior numerically. Employing the proposed model the effect of pressure wave characteristics at the inlet boundary, namely, the Stirling type and G-M type pressure inlet on cryocooler performance are investigated. The influence of Pressure amplitude, frequency and swept volume is studied as well.

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