This paper investigates and compares the indoor climate of detached and connected greenhouses. More specifically, the effect of additional greenhouses on indoor climate of first greenhouse was studied. The indoor velocity and temperature distributions in the greenhouses were numerically analyzed using computation fluid dynamics. The initial two greenhouses were first separated by a distance of 4m between them, and equipped with continuous side ventilators opened at 45°. Secondly, the distance between the first and second four span greenhouse was increased to 8m. Lastly a second row of side ventilators were added above the first row of ventilators. Results found that a connected greenhouse with multiple spans might be detrimental to the spans in the middle, as the air movement is significantly reduced. Adding a separate greenhouse on the leeward side with side ventilators also influences the flow to some extent, especially in the third and fourth spans of the first greenhouse. If this distance is increased, the influence is especially noticeable at the back vents of the first greenhouse, where strong currents of air are sucked in. A second row of side ventilators affects the flow, resulting in an increased heterogeneity in the first two spans. Flow is still homogeneous throughout the third and fourth spans, although the air velocity is slightly lower compared to a greenhouse containing only a singe side ventilator. The presence of a second greenhouse can reduce the advantage double side ventilators might have on the indoor climate of the first four span greenhouse.

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