This study concerns pressure drop of adiabatic water liquid-vapor two-phase flow across an array of 1950 staggered square micro-pin-fins having a 200×200 micron cross-section by a 670 micron height. The ratios of longitudinal pitch and transverse pitch to pin-fin equivalent diameter are equal to 2. An inline immersion heater upstream of the micro-pin-fin test module was employed to produce liquid-vapor two-phase mixture, which flowed across the micro-pin-fin array. The test module was well insulated to maintain an adiabatic condition. Four maximum mass velocities of 184, 235, 337, and 391 kg/m2s, and a range of vapor qualities for each maximum mass velocity were tested. Measured pressure drop increases drastically with increasing vapor quality. Nine existing two-phase pressure drop models and correlations were assessed. The Lockhart-Martinelli correlation for laminar liquid-laminar vapor combination in conjunction with a single-phase friction factor correlation proposed for the present micro-pin-fin array provided the best agreement with the data.

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