An experiment was conducted on the effects of streamwise stagger on heat transfer and pressure drop in a pin-fin array. The data were analyzed so as to highlight how stagger could be used to design a pin fin array for the lowest possible pressure loss. Design of arrays for low pressure loss is important in electronics cooling applications. They require large amounts of heat to be extracted from fixed areas, using a minimum of power to do so. This analysis found that the minimum friction factor occurred at a streamwise stagger of approximately 12% of the range between fully inline and fully staggered. By fixing the pin diameter, varying the stagger resulted in a 63% reduction in friction factor with only a 18% reduction in the Nusselt number, based on the array footprint. Additionally, it was found that for a fixed Nusselt number, the pin diameter could vary within a finite range, with decreasing diameters permitting arrays with more efficient degrees of stagger which continued to carry the required heating/cooling load.

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