An advanced patented process [1] for generating power from waste heat sources can be put to use in Industrial operations where much of the heat is wasted and going up the stack. This waste heat can be efficiently recovered to generate electrical power. Benefits include: use of waste industrial process heat as a fuel source that, in most cases, has represented nothing more than wasted thermal pollution for decades, stable and predictable generation capability on a 24 × 7 basis. This means that as an efficiency improvement resource, unlike wind and solar, the facility continues to generate clean reliable power. One of the many advantages of generating power from waste heat is the advantage for distributed generation; by producing power closer to its ultimate use, it thereby reduces transmission line congestion and losses, in addition, distributed generation eliminates the 4% to 8% power losses due to transmission and distribution associated with central generation. Beneficial applications of heat recovery power generation can be found in numerous industries (e.g. steel, glass, cement, lime, pulp and paper, refining, electric utilities and petrochemicals), Power Generation (CHP, MSW, biomass, biofuel, traditional fuels, Gasifiers, diesel engines) and Natural Gas (pipeline compression stations, processing plants). This presentation will cover the WOW Energy technology Organic Rankine Cascading Closed Loop Cycle — CCLC, as well as provide case studies in power generation using Internal Combustion engines and Gas Turbines on pipelines, where 20% to 40% respectively additional electricity power is recovered. This is achieved without using additional fuel, and therefore improving the fuel use efficiency and resulting lower carbon footprint. The economic analysis and capital recovery payback period based on varying Utility rates will be explained as well as the potential Tax credits, Emission credits and other incentives that are often available. Further developments and Pilot plant results on fossil fired plant flue gas emissions reductions will be reported to illustrate the full potential of the WOW Energy CCLC system focusing on increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.

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