In the current era of globalization and liberalization, customer demands will continue to call for continuous quality improvement, coupled with cost reduction. Faced with ever increasingly competitive market, manufacturing firm must constantly make changes to improve their operations and besides that rejection rate of industry should be very less to offer the quality product at desirable cost. The small scale industry improvement became slow not because of less knowledge but due to the lack of the step by step guide to implement six sigma or lean manufacturing principles. There are numerous continuous improvement strategies available. However in this paper we present a concept for the integration of Lean Manufacturing principles and Six Sigma DMAIC methodologies with the help of FRs, DPs and PVs, the key elements of Axiomatic Designed templates. This paper is an attempt to provide a guideline for the specific required change or modification for the manufacturing systems in production and design process through a systematic structured approach by the means of AD to achieve the advantages of both called “Lean-Sigma”, endurance for small scale industry.

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