The application of innovative methodologies and problem solving methods to organize and manage manufacturing processes is essential to increase business performance of a company and satisfy customer demand. Specifically, combining Six Sigma quality with Lean Production speed empowers all companies to reach customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and reduction of non added value activities. The goal of this paper is to explain and show the power of Six Sigma and Lean production combination in a manufacturing company that realizes brass extruded and drawn pieces. Lean Six Sigma represents one of more dynamic and innovative program of management to improve quality of products and efficiency of manufacturing. This project focuses on the increase of customer satisfaction and savings by eliminating product defects and reducing scraps and non value added activities of the mechanical manufacturing stream. The authors implemented the DMAIC problem solving method applying different quality management and lean tools. The paper shows a complete roadmap in order to analyze and eliminate defect and waste causes, and improve the performance level of a manufacturing system. The obtained results highlight a reduction of Costs of Poor Quality by 20% and an increase of process cycle efficiency of 6%.

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