This paper elaborates on a small flow piston pump without high speed prime mover and intermediate mechanism. The pump is based on the thermal expansion and contraction property of many materials and quick cool-to-heat change technology of semiconductors. The minim linear elongation or contraction of the thermosensitive material, after an amplification of about 50 times by the area effect stroke amplifying mechanism based on the principle of fluid drive, is transformed into low reciprocating linear movement of the piston to realize the volumetric change needed by the pump. This new small flow piston pump has the following prominent strengths: (1) The structure of pump is very simple; (2) No noise pollution is generated absent of mechanism moving at a high speed; (3) It is very easy to seal the pump because of less joints of possible oil fluid leakage; (4) At any time, there is only one piston which is outputting oil fluid at a low speed, so it is very easy to make a small or micro flow pump; (5) Constant flow oil fluid can be output by parallelizing two pumps which are brought under intelligent control.

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