This paper introduces a pump free hydraulic drive clamping technique with zero energy consumption in the cutting process, the principle of which is to clamp the workpiece by an over-critical self-locking force-amplifying toggle mechanism which is driven by the significant displacement which is about one hundred times of the micro-displacement of giant magnetostrictive materials. The amplified displacement is the effect of the stroke-amplifying device based on area effect of Pascal theory. This new clamping technique of new concept not only features very simple structure and fast responsiveness in clamping process, but also has the following environment-friendly characteristics: (1) The clamping is significantly energy saving without energy consumption in the cutting process as well as safe and reliable due to the self-locking function of the over-critical force-amplifying toggle mechanism. (2) The noise and other pollutions generated by oil fluid leakage and volatilization are negligible because no hydraulic pump and open oil tank are used.

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