This paper describes the first phase of the authors’ Design for Supply Chain research that seeks to address supply chain excellence the product design process. In a global economy, companies must address supply chain issues beyond the traditional viewpoint of logistics, trucking, warehousing and include other considerations that affects design and manufacturing decisions. To include supply chain perspectives in the design of products and manufacturing processes, supply chain performance data play a critical role. This paper examines the source of data pertinent to design for supply chain using methods such as Customer Value Chain Analysis and Quality Function Deployment. A multi-industry benchmarking study also highlights the different approaches to Design for Supply Chain and emerging challenges of Social and Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains. The study revealed that lead time, quality and social/environmental metrics are the most important metrics for design for supply chain. Future research will address the refinement of metrics, the definition of the relevant data for product design, and effective approaches to incorporate the information into the product definition process.

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