To solve the problems that basic man-hour data scarcity and avoid the difficulties in establishing man-hour, a man-hour calculation model for multi-stage manufacturing system based on primitive decomposition and Web Service is presented. The model consists of two modules. Aiming at a five-stage manufacturing system contained machine work, punching work, weld work, electrophoresis work and assembly work, the first module analyzed the characteristic of each manufacturing system, proposed the definition and decomposition rule of the primitive operation and founded the man-hour calculation model based on primitive decomposition. In order to use the relevant information about man-hour and provide decision-making and plan-making departments with the distributed manhour data, the second module applied Web Service technique in the enterprise Intranet to achieve the information share in the enterprise. The presented model system simplifies the man-hour establishing process and provides an effective theory model which establishes the man-hour rapidly and accurately. Finally, the products man-hour establishing example in an enterprise shows the feasibility and the good performance of the presented model.

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