In internal combustion engines, approximately one third of the total fuel input energy was converted into useful work and two-third has loss through exhaust gas and cooling system. Recently research has been focused on the reduction of diesel emitted pollutants due to strict emission regulations. In this study, the effect of ceramic coating to cylinder head, valves and piston crown on diesel engine performance and exhaust emission is examined. Ceramic layers were made by ZrO2-Al2O3 by using plasma coating method thickness to about 200 microns. The ceramic coated diesel engine was tested in a single cylinder, four stroke and water cooled DI diesel engine. Second part of the investigation was carried out with the fuel additive di iso propyl ether with thermal barrier coated diesel engine. The results indicate that there is reduction in fuel consumption, NOx emission and slightly increases the thermal efficiency of the engine. The combined effect of coating and fuel additive has significantly reduced the NOx emission.

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