The goal of this research is to use a hydrostatic transient dynamometer combined with new control techniques to replicate multi-cylinder engine dynamics which occur while the engine is started by an electric starting system. The transient engine dynamometer test system in the Powertrain Control Research Laboratory (PCRL) uses a torque tube and extremely stiff driveline in order to provide a very high bandwidth of torque actuation. The design and nature of this low inertia, stiff system requires that a standard electrical starting system be omitted. One of the objectives of this research was to assemble a new engine on the hydrostatic dynamometer and model the starting dynamics which occur during an engine cold start. The other objective was to verify and compare data collected by the PCRL and Ford to validate testing. This information will then be used in support of development of a cold start testing procedure on the single-cylinder engine transient test system in the PCRL.

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