In this study, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced Epon 862 epoxy have been evaluated. Firstly, 0.1 wt%, 0.2 wt%, 0.3 wt%, and 0.4 wt% CNT were infused into epoxy through a high intensity ultrasonic liquid processor and then mixed with EpiCure curing agent W using a high speed mechanical agitator. The trapped air and reaction volatiles were removed from the mixture using a high vacuum. Neat epoxy sample also was made as reference. Electrical conductivity, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA, three point bending tests and fracture tests were performed on unfilled, CNT-filled epoxy to identify the loading effect on the properties of composites. Experimental results show significant improvement in electric conductivity. The resistivity of epoxy decreased to 15Ωm with 0.4% CNT. DMA studies revealed that filling the carbon nanotube into epoxy can produce a 90% enhancement in storage modulus and a 17° C increase in Tg, but CNT has little effect on decomposing temperature. Mechanical test results showed that modulus increased with higher CNT loading percentages, but the 0.3 wt% CNT-infusion system showed the maximum strength and fracture toughness enhancement. The decrease in strength and fracture toughness in 0.4% CNT/epoxy was attributed to poor dispersions of nanotubes in the composite.

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