Modeling two-phase heat transfer coefficients and corresponding surface temperatures can be difficult. In macro flows, the Chen and Bennett model showed good agreement with experimental data from various researchers. This model was derived from the original Chen model and is primarily based on physical properties with some empiricism. The purpose of this paper is to present a method of modifying a macro-boiling model to predict surface temperatures and heat transfer coefficients associated with meso-channel flow boiling and augmented boiling associated with spray cooling in mesochannels. In order to validate the model, experimental data was gathered. The spray module consisted of 17 sloped channels each having an inlet and exit hydraulic diameter of 1.55 mm and 1.17 mm respectively and a plan length of 33 mm. The heat flux was in the range of 11 – 61kW/m2 and the mass flux was 80 kg/m2-s. The quality of fluid (PF5050) ranged from 0 – 75%. The fluid inlet temperature was 29°C and the saturation temperature was 34°C. The modified model shows good agreement with the experimental data with deviations on the order of 10%.

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