Quality magnetic heating nanoparticle systems made of ferromagnetic and superparamagnetic materials were developed for hyperthermia treatment of cancer. Magnetic nanoparticles were prepared from a mixture of magnetic and non magnetic elements using, mainly, co-precipitation process (chemical methods). The nanoparticles were developed in ternary systems, with zinc gadolinium iron (ZnxGdyFe) and manganese zinc iron (MnxZnyFe) alloys with different concentrations. The nanoparticle systems developed generate sufficient heat at room temperature and stops heating at the measured Curie temperature Tc. The power dissipated from nanoparticle systems was calculated from the area enclosed by the hysteresis loop. A mathematical formula for the calculation of heating power was derived and showed to be in good agreement with those calculated from hysteresis loop and calorimetric methods.

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