The problem of a half plane with concentrated load acting at an interior point is known as melan problem as shown in Fig.1. In the present case melan problem with hole is considered as shown in Fig.2. The body force method is developed for the above case. Body force method is a method based on principle of superposition [1]. In the body force method the actual condition is treated as an imaginary condition i.e. the semi-infinite plate with hole and interior load is treated as a plate without hole; the actual hole is regarded as imaginary on whose periphery boundary forces are applied. The problem is solved by superimposing the stress fields of the boundary forces and concentrated force acting at an arbitrary point to satisfy the prescribed boundary conditions so that the stress condition of the actual plate is approximately equal to that of the imaginary plate [2]. The complex variable method of stress analysis is a versatile technique for stress analysis Problem. The formulas for melan problem are derived and described [3]. Complex potentials are used for stress analysis.

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