A numerical simulation model was proposed for predicting blast loading and soil fragmentation on composite structures against land explosives. In the proposed landmine-soil interaction model, both blast overpressure and soil debris/explosive fragment movements can be predicted using an approach that decouples the complicated landmine-soil interaction problem into a series of simplified simulation processes. First, the soil is discretized using a statistical scheme that can represent soil structure and texture in a statistical way based on experimental data. An empirical model is then utilized to model the blast air, which interacts with the debris and contributes to the overall pressure/impact force on the composite structure. Using this discretization scheme, the inhomogeneous property of soil, interactions between the blast wave and soil debris, and loading condition of the composite can be accounted for in blast load prediction so that the composite structure can be optimized with more complete loading conditions. Example simulation problems were given to illustrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the simulation model developed.

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