Structural integrity and stability are among the key requirements for any mechanical component used in structural applications when subjected to external or internal loads. For example, Active Fiber Composites (AFCs) or micro fiber composites (MFCs) used as sensors and actuator for vibration damping, structural control, and health monitoring in intelligent structures can be subjected to both external and internal loading. Furthermore, demands from industry for better performing sensors and actuators for the use in adaptive structures have led the researchers to investigate and design AFC/MFC systems with optimal configurations to enhance their performances. Therefore, it is essential to understand and be able to predict the mechanical behaviour of the individual AFCs/MFCs that exist in different geometrical configurations composed of various constituent materials. In this work, an analytical approach based on elasticity equations is introduced to derive exact solutions for mechanical responses (i.e., displacements, strains, and stresses) of an axially loaded threephase composite cylinder, representing an individual AFC/MFC tube. Materials of the constituents are considered to be orthotropic for no loss of generality. To validate the exact analytical solutions, finite element analysis is performed and then the results obtained from both techniques are compared where excellent agreements are achieved.

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