This study has theoretically analyzed the surface roughness, centripetal inertia and recess volume fluid compressibility effects on the dynamic behavior of a restrictor compensated hydrostatic thrust spherical clearance type of bearing. The stochastic Reynolds equation, with centripetal inertia effect, and the recess flow continuity equation with recess volume fluid compressibility effect have been derived to take into account the presence of roughness on the bearing surfaces. On the basis of a small perturbations method, the dynamic stiffness and damping coefficients have been evaluated. In addition to the usual bearing design parameters the results for the dynamic stiffness and damping coefficients have been calculated for various frequencies of vibrations or squeeze parameter (frequency parameter) and recess volume fluid compressibility parameter. The study shows that both of the surface roughness and the centripetal inertia have slight effects on the stiffness coefficient and remarkable effects on the damping coefficient while the recess volume fluid compressibility parameter has the major effect on the bearing dynamic characteristics. The cross dynamic stiffness showed the bearing self-aligning property and the ability to oppose whirl movements. The orifice restrictor showed better dynamic performance than that of the capillary tube.

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